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Adornos, y Collares de Semillas - Guia Completa por Patricia Cruz de Salgado (215 page) Spanish handbook on handicafts, necklaces, and adornments utilizing native seeds of the Caribbean. Interesting and fun, this guide features patterns, styles and design diagrams of the natural arts worn by the natives of the Caribbean.

An Account of the Antiquities of the Indians - Translations of the Works of Fray Ramon Pane completed into English language by Jose Juan Arrom (74 pages) this discreptive account highlights the assignment of Friar Pane's to live amongst and document the lives of the indigenous habitants of the Caribbean. This is the first published work of the New World and the only surviving direct source of information offering a conquest era interpretation of the material remnant of Taino Society- America's First Peoples.

Art and Archaeology of Pre-Columbian Cuba by Ramon Dacal Moure and Manuel Rivero de la Calle Supported by The Foundation for Exploration and Research on Cultural Origins, this 134 page booklet highlights the Indigenous artistical expressions found in Caribbean archaeological studies.

Breton Taino Dictionary El diccionario del Padre Breton asemeja más bien a un diccionario enciclopédico ya que nos da a conocer, además de la lengua, la fauna, la flora - con el uso específico de cada planta y cada objeto -, las costumbres y la vida de los Callínago en esos tiempos remotos.

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El Cacique Loquillo by Carmelo Roman (32 pages), Spanish language text reference study on Chief Loquillo- prominent Boriken Chief (NE Puerto Rico) whose leadership during 1511 Taino Indian Wars to repeal Spanish conquest advancement is legendary.

Cuba Arqueologia by Mam Castillo (271 pages) Spanish language archeological reference text on the indigenous material culture of the Caribbean's biggest island closest to the Mexican Yucatan penisula- Cubacan

La Danza en Mesoamerica by Manuel Khuatli (22 pages), Spanish language research of the Native Ameridan dance. Featuring ancient areito dance formations, this study helps interpret ceremonial tradition into metaphorical significance.

Diccionario de Voces Taina (Taino Dictionary)

Discovery, Conquest & Colonization of Puerto Rico by Dr. Ricardo Alegria (49 pages), English language folkloric summary of Spanish conquest of Boriken. Written for school age students with diagrams.

Earth and Spirit - Medicinal Plants and Healing Lore from Puerto Rico by Maria Benedetti (268 pages) this English or Spanish language celebration of Caribbean green medicine documents the voices of boricua elders who know, love and share the medicinal plants and island based earth lore. Featuring interviews with traditional "curanderos", spiritual healers and jibaro farmers- this book reveals the remedies with indigenous insights of the Antillean natural sciences.

Estudios de Lexicologia Antillana by Jose Juan Arrom (161 pages) Spanish language investigative study by reknown Yale Linguist (Dr. Arrom) on the indigenous language found in contemporary Caribbean lexion.

Historia de Santo Domingo by Jackelyn Arvelo (144 pages), Spanish language reference text documenting the indigenous history of Quiskeya featuring the complex Taino sociopolitical context of Spanish expanision in the Caribbean.

El Idioma Indigena Taino by Dr. Carlos G. Arrillaga (112 pages), Spanish/Taino language reference text correlating Taino Idiom and curent Antillian lexioms as evidence of language transculturization in Puerto Rico.

Imagenes del Indio Puertorriqueno by Nelson Rafael Collazo (92 pages) Spanish language research study on the petroglific indigenous designs of Boriken with 220 illustrations.

Los Indocubanos Textos de Onelio Forge Cardosa y illustraciones de Modesto Garcia This 110 page Spanish language docudrama features pencil illustrations of the conquest period contact of the indies. Great bedtime story that awakens the imaginations of youngsters of the Caribbean.

Industrial Applications of Indian Decorative Motifs of Puerto Rico by Matilde Perez de Silva & Adolofo H. de Hostos (87 pages) English and Spanish Bilingual commentary and plate texts on the material culture indigenous to Boriken. Featuring designs found on idols, collars, stone, clay and shell handiwork- this study validates the artistic influence and tendencies of the Taino in relating to the physical environment by venerating our Mother Earth.

Influencias Mayas & Aztecas en Los Tainos de las Antillas - Del Juego de Pelota al Arte y la Mitologia by Sr. Oswaldo Garcia Goyco (140 pages), Spanish language research text of prehispanic indigenous cultural similarities between Caribbean Taino, Maya and Aztec empires. Native Caribbean/ Mexica mythological symbols are explored in this study, along with other Ameridan native sciences.

In The Spirit of Our Ancestors - 1998 by Roberto Borrero and Roger Hernandez, Editors of La Voz del Pueblo Taino. Engish language (50 pages) reports published in the first year of the newsletter of the United Confederation of Taino People.

Petroglifos Indigenas del Este de Puerto Rico by William Trinidad (40 pages) Spanish language investigation on the indigenous rock pictographs found throughout Boriken's east coast sections of San Lorenzo, Naguabo, Rio Grande and Loiza.

Presencia Taina - Antologia de Lecturas by Aurea E. Rodriguez, Dr. Luis Nieves Falcon, Carmen Puigdollers, Ernesto Ramos and Don Ortillo Diaz (135 pages) Spanish language experimental curriculum developed by Bronx School Distruct 7 to foster educational advancement to middle school age Puerto Rican students utilizing Taino inspired legends, mythology, poetry and significant historical documentation of the indigenous society of the Caribbean.

Taino Revival ­ Critical Perspectives on Puerto Rican Identity and Cultural Politics

Edited by Dr. Gabriel Haslip Viera Markus Wiener Publishers 2001 ISBN 1-55876-259-0 (162 pages)

A reprinting of the 1999 edition, this volume adds a reedited introduction by Gabriel Haslip-Viera as well as additional photographs by Holger Thoss. The cover art features the work of Joe "Doc Sunshine" Leon. This collection is a scholarly examination of the "Taino Revival Movement". While the academics take a harshly critical look at State-sponsored institutions and the grassroots movement, the essays provide interesting historical data. Roberto Mucaro Borrero's precedent-setting response to the critical assessment made by the scholars is also included in this stimulating and historic volume. This book was also discussed by another panel of experts and can be viewed as a video found at our Video Productions section.

The Tainos - Rise and Decline of the People Who Greeted COLUMBUS by Dr. Irving Rouse (noted Yale University Caribbean Archeologist). Wriiten for the 1992 Quincentenary commeration of Columbus' arrival into the New World Dr. Irving Rouse puts together more than 60 years of archeological investigations into this 211 page authoritative text. Maps, photographs, drawings and chronological series are presented to help readers grasp the theories, and contemporary academic knowledge of PreColumbian tribal life.

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